Chelsea Football Club (Fulham)

Team Piazon came to us to help improve Lucas’s social media content, create a brand the represented Lucas, and create a strategy to expand the Piazon fan base. To create the brand we worked with Lucas both on and off the pitch to create something that encapsulated what Lucas is about. The outcome was a brand that works on a three-layer system.

Three Layered Approach

Creating the historical bottom layer we used maps to create the frames where the middle current layer would sit. This demonstrates how Lucas’s past has helped get him to where he is today in his footballing life. Then using a double exposure technique we transition the map into a large image of Lucas.


This three-layer approach allows us to show the journey that Lucas has, and will take in his career. Each layer represents a different stage in Lucas’s footballing career. The bottom layer, his history, where he has played previously. Graphicly this works as framing for the middle layer which represents the current stage of his career. The top layer is Lucas Piazon logo to tie everything together and give Lucas a mark.

The Colour Palette

The colour palette, much like the three-layer brand approach, was developed from Lucas’s playing career.

The LP red and LP blue are the mid point colours taken from all the red and blues Lucas has played in. Combining all the teams he has played for into two colours. This is also the case for the Gold. The gold spectrum was then created to add details to the logo.

The Logo Mark

When it came to developing the logo top layer we wanted to make something different and not the same as every other footballer out there. We took inspiration from all aspects of Lucas’s life in the design process. His creative and attacking play style, Brazilian roots, love for the NBA and its fashion.