Rights Holder Content Creation

Football Made in Germany (FMIG) was a weekly 26min studio show that reviewed the Bundesliga through an Afrocentric lens and was a great example of how Brand Athlete is able to craft content around a target audience.

FMIG was commissioned by StarTimes and produced as part of their rights package with the Bundesliga. Brand Athlete worked with StarTimes and the Bundesliga to create content that resonated with a local audience while driving engagement with the wider Bundesliga brand.

The show created a social media audience of in excess of 12o,ooo Facebook followers with more than 1.5million page impressions.


Afrocentric. Engaging. International.

Working with StarTimes and the Bundesliga BA delivered content that placed the African’s of the Bundesliga at the heart of the show which allowed StarTimes to localise their league rights in Africa while at the same time being able to grow the Bundesliga brand on the continent.