A boutique sports and
digital branding agency
for a changing sports landscape.

Brand Athlete was established to address the need for professional athletes to be able to maximise the exposure that they enjoy while performing on the world sports stage.

Soo many athletes fail to capitalise on the platforms and channels that are available to them in a meaningful way and lose valuable traction by having no clear strategy. Working with our clients we establish and build a solid brand identity coupled with a clear branding plan allowing for the creation of a brand and audience that will transcend into their second career.

As an agency we offer a full range of complimentary services including contract negotiation both for image rights usage as well as endorsements. Our athletes have trusted us to redefine their brands and content through creative innovation allowing them to focus on their sports career.

Our integrated process of strategy, design, and management has a proven record of delivering unique personal solutions.


  • Branding
  • Image Rights Management
  • Web Design
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Analytics
  • Brand Expansion
  • E-Commerce
  • Art Direction
  • Styling
  • Photography
  • PR / Media Manangement


Complimenting Brand Athlete’s branding business is a fully licensed sports agency and management division consisting of FA Licensed Intermediaries, scouts and other industry professionals including sports scientists and performance coaches.

As an agency we are focused on developing career plans for our clients founded on the ethos that it takes a team to create champions, and through this we aim to form lasting relationships offering a 360 degree approach to professional representation.

Licensed Intermediaries
  • Representation
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Representation

Brand Athlete is a FIFA Licensed Match Agency and as such is authorised by FIFA to stage international, club and showcase matches internationally. Brand Athlete offers a comprehensive approach to staging any form of football match from concept through to delivery.

We work with clubs and brands to develop concept matches using our branding resources and our access to clubs and national teams to establish sustainable footballing events.

FIFA Match Agency
  • International Friendly Fixtures
  • Pre-Season Friendly Fixtures
  • Showcase Matches
  • Training Camps

Core Team
Clem Leech

Clem Leech

Founder / Managing Partner
Mileni Bender

Mileni Bender

Head of PR
Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis

George Burkett

George Burkett

Creative Director
Tarkan Paphiti

Tarkan Paphiti

CTO / Digital Analyst
Shak Taylor

Shak Taylor

Digital Media